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Computing in Year 9


Android App Development - Find here a set of web resources that will help you teach students how to develop an Android App with a scratch like interface all online.  There are some good tutorials that can get students making some fun apps that can then be downloaded onto an Android phone

SQL - If students have learnt how to use MS Access or about general database theory, they could learn about SQL which is the language behind all databases.  This can easily be used in MS Access

YouSRC - This is a website that you can setup for your various groups and get them to program online - there are various tutorials that can be followed.  An interesting resource
Game Maker - Teaching resources - This is a free or paid for piece of software that gets students developing 2D or with the paid version 3D games.  It uses drag and drop code selection but is a little more complex and can be used to program scripts.  Some really good tutorials are here for students to follow

Visual Basic - MS VB can be downloaded for free and is a great learning language - There are plenty of resources here for teaching and tutorials for students to follow

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