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Computing in Year 7


History and Development of IT - This series of lessons helps to introduce students to the background to computing, the technology and the future.  The lessons look at PC technology and it would be an advantage if you got small groups to put together an old PC while looking at the components and carrying out some research on them

Scratch - Plenty of resources to help develop basic programming skills and knowledge - This as you have probably heard of is a very basic programming animation tool - It can be used to drag and drop bits of code, but it can be used to develop some interesting games - Some resources thanks to @djphillips1408

Flash and Action Script - Flash maybe on it's way out, but its a fun piece of software to use and it can be used to develop programming using Action Script

Cipher Challenge - Computer science meets mathematics - Students  can use these worksheets to try and decipher the codes

HTML - Resources to help teach students about the HTML language and provide tasks to work through

Star Logo - This software is a slightly more advanced and difficult to use animation programming tool like scratch - It can be used to develop simulations and 3D games

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