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Computing in KS4


Course resource web links

Want to teach computing here's how - Our Learning information and resources

Exmouth Community College - Loads of resources for the GCSE course - Theory, homework, activities and assignments - Full of excellent resources for GCSE and A-Level  - Ask him nicely and he may give you access to the teacher login - Some free resources or you can pay for subscription for the whole site

 Mukoku - Lots of resources, free to use, but he would like you to add a link onto your website etc - Computing course resources

creativityincomputing - A teachers resource for Computing - Creative computing resources - Introduction to computer science and programming - Computer science resources without the computer - Learning computing resources - Educational licence - Lots on offer - Various Computing resources - Free computing books online

Programming resources - From teachers in New Zealand - Old computer ads

Interesting ways computers have changed our lives

40 Years of the CPU


museumofcomputing - Lots of resources and events
Career information - Student focused digital career site - Great advice for students from lots of different people in IT - Popularity of programming related jobs according to language - Career information videos


Theory Resources - Found on TES

Theory and Activity Resources



Programming resources

Android App development - Use of Java and XML

ASP - Active server script language

C - Programming in C language

C# - Programming in C#

C++ - Programming in C++

Java in Windows - Read this first and use resources

Perl - Perl script language

Hypertext Preprocessor Language


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